It’s just about all over but the waiting … and the hoping

Well, here we are, just a few days away from Election Day.

I’ve been watching the news, reading the stories, listening to the political phone calls and wading through the way-too-many emails.

My vote’s been cast, and I’ve been assured that it’s been received and will be counted.

My first vote for a president was back in 1972, so I’ve been here before. And I know I wouldn’t be the only one to say I’ve never seen anything like this — ever.

And I also know that I am not alone when I say that, as a Democrat, I’m scared sleepless about what could happen with the Electoral College.

Come Election Day night, I, like millions of others, will be glued to my TV watching the returns, and, like the rest of the country — and the world — will go to bed not sure who the next president will be.

Sleep surely will be hard to come by that night.

The huge number of early – and young – voters has me encouraged, though. What also has me encouraged are the Electoral College maps predicting that Joe Biden has a big enough lead to take this thing.

But then … 2016.

Like many, I’m exhausted and want it to be over. I just want Trump gone, our country to be put on a better track and the USA to be itself again.

And, mainly, I want Joe Biden to be president and Kamala Harris to be vice-president.

Not much else to say. At this point, it’s all been said.

Nothing to do now but wait. And hope.

Published by Mike Sturman

I am a retired journalist with nearly 30 years in the field, during which time I was a reporter and held numerous editor positions at local newspapers and a number of magazines. After I retired, I was a sub in my local school district, then did PR for that district. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in journalism, and as for my politics, that's simple: I'm a liberal Democrat. I'm married, and my wife recently retired after 25 years as a teacher. We have one daughter, who has earned her PhD and works at a UC. Through this blog, I hope to pass on some interesting thoughts and ideas, entertain with some lighthearted posts and generally quell my pandemic-induced boredom.

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