Stupidity should be a felony

The El Dorado Fire in Yucaipa in San Bernardino County, CA

The person responsible for the pyrotechnic device that ignited the El Dorado Fire in Yucaipa should be billed for the entire cost of fighting the fire. This should include the host of the party, as well as whoever brought the device and ignited it. Too bad people can’t be arrested and charged with stupidity.

Published by Mike Sturman

I am a retired journalist with nearly 30 years in the field, during which time I was a reporter and held numerous editor positions at local newspapers and a number of magazines. After I retired, I was a sub in my local school district, then did PR for that district. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in journalism, and as for my politics, that's simple: I'm a liberal Democrat. I'm married, and my wife recently retired after 25 years as a teacher. We have one daughter, who has earned her PhD and works at a UC. Through this blog, I hope to pass on some interesting thoughts and ideas, entertain with some lighthearted posts and generally quell my pandemic-induced boredom.

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