Maybe the latest school shooter was turned into a ‘hateful person’ by his coaches

Can’t let the most recent school shooting in Texas go without a comment, although what can you say? When is this country going to say enough? Never, is my guess.

But here’s something that jumped out at me. Read the following news report: 

A student who survived the Texas school shooting on Friday has spoken out about the accused gunman, saying that he was ’emotionally bullied’ by his classmates and coaches.

Dustin Severin, an 11th-grade student at Santa Fe High School, told KRIV that the suspected shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtiz, was constantly teased at school, but that he believed it never escalated into anything physical.

“I know he’s picked on by coaches and other students. He didn’t really talk to anyone,” he told the station. “My friends from the football team told me that coaches said he smelled, like, right in front of his face. And other kids would look at him and laugh at him … nothing like physical but they still emotionally bullied him.”

“I never thought he would just snap and shoot up the school,”  Severin added. “He didn’t seem like he was a hateful person.”

This kid is as stupid as the shooter. And I’ll bet he’s never been bullied, emotionally or otherwise. It appears that while the shooter had problems, his coaches (adults who should know better) may have pushed him over the edge.

People, especially teenagers, who are bullied by those who are supposed to be in positions of respect, are turned into hateful people by that kind of treatment. I know nothing of the shooter, but hearing of this type of abuse makes me think these bullies were in his head when he pulled the trigger.

As for the coaches who did this to him, firing is too good for them.

Published by Mike Sturman

I am a retired journalist with nearly 30 years in the field, during which time I was a reporter and held numerous editor positions at local newspapers and a number of magazines. After I retired, I was a sub in my local school district, then did PR for that district. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in journalism, and as for my politics, that's simple: I'm a liberal Democrat. I'm married, and my wife recently retired after 25 years as a teacher. We have one daughter, who has earned her PhD and works at a UC. Through this blog, I hope to pass on some interesting thoughts and ideas, entertain with some lighthearted posts and generally quell my pandemic-induced boredom.

3 thoughts on “Maybe the latest school shooter was turned into a ‘hateful person’ by his coaches

  1. I mostly agree. I’ve been an educator since 1987. I have observed that when kids are emotionally abused by other kids and / or adults, they become mean. That being said, I have also observed kid’s lives enriched and bettered by the kindness and support of other kids and / or adults.


  2. I don’t think I agree with calling the kid interviewed stupid. How could he know his classmate would shoot up the school? It takes a lot of training (that the coaches should have had and used) to identify and intervene appropriately with kids with mental health issues. I have had some of that training and it’s very hard to predict how someone will react to being treated poorly. Plus, he’s probably in shock. I agree with the rest of what you’ve said, though.


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